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Welcome to Driving SME Growth. We’re business development and growth marketing specialists in the South East and UK, helping MDs and entrepreneurs like you achieve their goal of building a bigger, more profitable business. Whether you’re in good shape already or you need to engineer a turnaround in your business’s fortunes to guarantee its future, we can provide the fresh eyes, incisive advice and valuable practical assistance that will see you fulfil your objectives.

We understand that every business, and every boss, is different. So everything we do is 100% individually tailored to your specific needs. Why not call or request a brief informal sit-down so you can discover what we could do for you, and what we could achieve together.

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Who We Work With

Within the SME space we have a few areas of particular interest and experience, including:




Thrive2Survive Programme

Working closely with you to get your business in the sort of shape that will allow you to “accept & adapt to changes, see & exploit opportunities.”


Open Innovation

We’ll help you fully understand the opportunities and the implications of adopting an open innovation culture within your business.


Partnerships, Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies

Helping you to reach out beyond the universe of your own business in order to a achieve step-change in the pace and scale of growth.


Executive and Business Coaching

Working with you on an individual basis to bring clarity, focus and context to your leadership role and reinforce your capability and confidence where necessary.


Scale-Up Advisory

We will work with you to minimise the risks and overcome the inevitable obstacles that come with ramping up the business machine.


FREE Primed4Growth Audit

This short engagement will give you a 360° view of exactly where you are before you embark on your growth journey.


MyInsights® Programme

You may be invited to participate in our powerful MyInsights® leadership & success development programme.


Business Turnaround Consultancy

We’ll help you uncover the strengths and hidden gems of opportunity first before considering the more common ‘invasive surgery’ tactics.




How Driving SME Growth Is Different

We have a proven way of doing things – our own ‘formula for success’ when it comes to working with MDs and SMEs. What sets us apart from most, if not all others in the growth and advisory sector is the fact that we marry the data-driven science of management with priceless business nous.

  • We’re all about ‘insight’, engagement and a 100%-tailored approach.
  • We bring the best of all worlds – technical know-how and our own, exclusive business & personal success programme.
  • We not only deliver a tremendous return on investment; we actually guarantee results! Find out what successes we’ve helped clients achieve here. 

Journey to Success 




Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK and other locations





Geographical Coverage

While current hotspots for us include London & the South East, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester & Leeds, we also work UK-wide and internationally.

If you would like to know more about how we can improve your profitability as your growth marketing specialists in the South East and UK, please get in touch.

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