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At Driving SME Growth, we are expert business strategists and growth marketing specialists in the South East and UK. There is nothing we love more than collaborating with like-minded individuals, looking at inventive ways to transform organisations and develop business. We work with MDs of businesses in the SME sector who are looking to achieve strong, sustainable and profitable growth from a position of strength or in the face of adversity.

MDs may need support for a variety of reasons, generally they are short on time, resources or inspiration. Or they simply lack a plan. Brexit has now added even more uncertainty into the mix.







We understand that every business is different, and every boss’s definition of success different. For us, the most important thing is not where you want to end up, but what it will take to see you achieve your goals and financial targets. There is always a way, straightforward or not! At Driving SME Growth we are experts in discovering those innovative solutions, and we do that through a special process.






Four Pillars Of Success

Underpinning everything we do, are our four pillars of guaranteed client success:   

  • Establishing a foundation of inspired vision, compelling strategy & agile planning
  • The aggregation of multiple ‘wins’ - both major and marginal gains - across the business
  • The application of a wealth of priceless business nous gained from working with some great business builders and wealth creators over a number of years
  • And the belief that we can only deliver results that will make a difference when we engage with you on a 100% individually-tailored basis, having first gained a thorough insight into you and your business.

Obsessed as we are with our clients and delivering exceptional service, we work with a sense of urgency. We practice what we preach by always trying to bring clarity, focus and context to everything we do. In fact, if there’s one word that sums us up, it’s “deft”.


 for pillars of success for our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK






Demonstrating skill and cleverness

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And we make our engagement with any client business affordable by offering flexible cost and payment options. 

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