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Business Strategy

We work with you to drill down, identify and address any issues or uncertainties before fully developing a winning strategy for your business going forward. We can address one, some or all of:

  • Customer evolution, journey & engagement
  • Profitability, evolution & diversification of product & services
  • Traditional, digital and social marketing
  • Marketing technology & disruption
  • Connecting purpose & people to drive profit
  • 5-win management of costs, profit, investment, risk & return




Growth planning with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK Growth Planning

As growth marketing specialists in the South East and UK, we are experts in growth planning. We work with MDs and Entrepreneurs committed to achieving strong, sustainable and profitable growth. This demands that we look at every part of your business, from vision and strategy, through marketing, sales & communications, to managing your people and your finances for growth.

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Thrive to survive programme with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK Thrive2Survive Programme

In these uncertain times and this turbulent economy, every UK business needs to be a stronger, fitter business to survive, let alone prosper. That’s the purpose behind this 12-week programme - working closely with you to get your business in the sort of shape that will allow you to ‘accept & adapt to changes, and see & exploit opportunities’.

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Open innovation with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK Open Innovation

In this rapidly changing world, bringing a fresh perspective to the issues and challenges you face can be a powerful driver for your business. We’ll help you fully understand the opportunities and the implications of finding new ways of working, leveraging new technologies, connecting & collaborating with the right partners, and accessing and keeping stellar talent.

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partnerships, collaborations, mergers and acquisition strategies with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK Partnerships, Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies

Reaching out beyond the universe of your own business and looking to achieve step-change growth through partnerships, collaborations, a merger or an acquisition will often seem an attractive route to growth. However, each is beset with its own potential pitfalls and challenges, all of which we can help you consider and successfully navigate.

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Executive and business coaching with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK Executive and Business Coaching

We work with you on an individual basis over a 12-week period to bring clarity, focus & context to your leadership role and reinforce your capability and confidence in the areas we identify as being most impactful on the near and mid-term success of your business. These include time management, senior level management, conflict resolution, open innovation and communications.

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Scale-up Advisory with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK Scale-Up Advisory

Whether you are seizing a new opportunity or executing a planned growth programme, scaling up your business can be derailed by issues and events within, and outside of, your control. It calls for awareness and agility to minimise the risks. You will also need to overcome the inevitable obstacles so you don’t end up achieving less than what you’d hoped for given the time, effort and money invested.

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Free Primed 4 Growth audit with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK FREE Primed4Growth Audit

If you want to grow your business, but aren’t sure whether or not you’re entirely ‘ready to go’, this short engagement will give you a 360° view of where you are, and whether or not there are any shortfalls requiring immediate attention before you embark on your growth journey.

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My insights program with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK MyInsights® Programme

Those clients with whom we work on a retained basis are invited to participate in our powerful MyInsights® leadership & success development programme. This has been developed on the back of the book “Twelve Steps to Business and Personal Success”, written by Driving SME Growth founder Roger Stubbs.

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Business turnaround consultancy with our Growth Marketing Specialist in South East and UK Business Turnaround Consultancy

Our approach to the dilemma facing the boss of a business that needs a sharp upturn in fortune “or else…” is to look for the strengths and hidden gems of opportunity first, before adopting the more common drastic tactics. In our experience, there is always a constructive solution to be found.

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